Digital Punch vLog – Episode 03

Digital Punch – Episode_03 – Show Summary:

In episode 3 of Digital Punch, the vlog that features breaking tech news, cool product reviews and random weirdness, we review the new Zune MP3 player, Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod and iTunes monopoly. We’ll give you the pro’s and con’s of this new hot media player device. (BTW, what do you all think of their new ‘Go Social’ advertising campaign?)

We also take a special look at the potential worldwide epidemic of TMI (Text Message Injury) and the Air Guitar T-Shirt, the “wearable instrument shirt” that has the potential to revolutionize this popular pastime. Check out this video interview with Richard Helmer, the inventor.Along with taking suggestions for future shows, we also answered user questions and read user feedback, so please email us, leave a comment/question and subscribe to our show via all the pretty buttons to the right!Thanks!-Digital Punch | Digg | Furl | ma.gnolia

3 Responses to Digital Punch vLog – Episode 03

  1. Tannerman says:

    Let’s talk about the Zune, shall we? The “sharing” is only good for 3 days, after which the music disappears from a friend’s device. Not to mention that the DRM on the Zune is 10 times worse than that found in the iPod/iTunes universe and the “wheel” on the front is nothing more than 4 buttons hidden under a fake scrollwheel cover. Yuck. No thanks, Microsoft. Stick to releasing broken software.

    Doctor Who… you chose a photo of the 8th Doctor Paul McGann over the legendary 4th Doctor Tom Baker? Ouch!

    Fun show. I liked the tighter cropped shots of the host… easier to view on a smaller screen device. Also, love the transition “sound” of tapping/walking feet/whatever it is between segments.

  2. Zune says:

    I got this zune download that is a blast. i am glad microsoft is catching up. I know they get a lot of flack but i like them

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