Digital Punch vLog – Episode 05

Digital Punch – Episode 05 – Show Summary:

In the fifth episode of Digital Punch, the vlog that features breaking tech news, cool product reviews and random weirdness, we present a High Definition (HD) television buying guide that looks at the pros and cons of plasma vs. LCD flat screen TVs.

We discuss the world’s first Virtual Millionaire, Anshe Chung, the real estate tycoon from Second Life who has acquired holdings that are legally convertible into more than 1 million dollars.

We also feature an amazing blender from Blendtec along with video footage of this product in action from the popular web video series ‘Will It Blend?‘ If you haven’t seen any of these short videos, make sure you check them out as it will deepen your appreciation for our ‘spoof’ response video where we put our own blender to the test. We did not use the Blendtec Total Blender, but rather a $15 generic piece-o-junk. The results are unexpected and real. As always, email us with your show ideas, questions or comments. We really do read and respond to each email.

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14 Responses to Digital Punch vLog – Episode 05

  1. Tannerman says:

    Blender + Rocks + Scissors = Glad I own a computer.

  2. […] I’ll start off with one of my favourite video blogs on wordpress, Digital Punch. Digital punch is a very new vLog that introduces new technologies and reviews high-tech products as they hit the market. I’m sure you’ll find a review that will interest you. Maybe you are looking for a new High-Definition TV and can’t decide between a plasma tv and an LCD? From Mp3 player reviews to night-vision goggles, Digital Punch has it all! […]

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  9. […] of a company and brand that has used this medium to it’s own success. Ironically, it was Episode 5 of Digital Punch TV where Benjamin spoofed Blentec’s videos with some great comedy – and a […]

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