Digital Punch vLog – Episode 06

Digital Punch – Episode_06 – Show Summary:

In this episode of Digital Punch, the vlog that features breaking tech news, cool product reviews and random fun, we review the Slingbox Pro. Now you can watch your TV programs (in high definition) on your computer or mobile phone at any time and anywhere.

We also talk to Steve Tanner, one of the foremost beverage review experts, about the new holiday flavors offered by Jones Soda. If you are interested in reading any of Steve’s reviews of basically every soda product every released on planet Earth, check out his blog for more info. (Update: It is a small world. The lady whose picture that she took appeared on one of Jones Soda holiday beverages that Steve recently reviewed actually wrote a repy to the review. It is worth a read…)

Finally, we introduce the iCarta. The iCarta is a toilet paper dispenser iPod docking station. It comes compete with water resistant speakers and can handle all models of the iPod. Going to the bathroom has never been so fun!

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