Digital Punch vLog – Episode 07

Note: If you are having issues trying to watch this QuickTime video, try our flash-based playerDigital Punch – Episode_07 – Show Summary:In this episode of Digital Punch, the vlog that features breaking tech news, cool product reviews and random fun, we bring you 10 cool gift ideas for $30 and under. So without further ado, we are proud to introduce you to the:• WiFi FinderLazer Trip WireMarshmallow BlasterNano Flip CaseWalkie-Talkie WristwatchesParking Timer KeychainMassaging SlippersQuik PodHandheld to give a gift to a charity in someone else’s name.We also follow-up on three stories we’ve previously brought you on Digital Punch. First, the NBA announced they will be returning to the original leather ball later this season, PlayStation has announced that the PS3 will not play many PS2 games, and talk about the perils of the new Wii controller.As we usually do, we also devoted time to your questions, comments and feedback. If you’d like to be included in our next show, please e-mail us, leave a comment/question or subscribe to our show!Thanks!-Digital Punch | Digg | Furl | ma.gnolia

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  2. using a shiatsu massage chair

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