Digital Punch vLog – Episode 09

Digital Punch – Episode_09 – Show Summary:

In this 9th episode of Digital Punch TV, the vlog that features breaking tech news, cool product reviews and random fun, we introduce the Solio Hybrid Solar Charger. It’s the charger that needs no wall to plug into and can charge almost every type of electronics you own, including fish finders (I know you really were worried about that).

We also asked for you to send us your New Year’s resolutions. We will read the best of them on-air during the next show. Promise.

To celebrate “You” being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, we had our first in-studio interview with… you. This is a must watch interview, trust us. (Also you might want to watch this interesting video with the founders of YouTube in the garage where it all started. Talk about humble beginnings to multi-billionaires!)Would you like to appear in an episode of Digital Punch? Well, you can! If you can make it downtown Chicago on a Friday afternoon, then you are eligible. Just send an email to with “Digital Punch Co-Host” in the subject line. As we usually do, we devoted time to your questions, comments and feedback. We value your feedback so please e-mail us, leave a comment/question or subscribe to our show!Thanks!-Digital Punch | Digg | Furl | ma.gnolia

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