Digital Punch vLog – Episode 10

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Hello Boys and Girls, ready for the wackiest episode of Digital Punch ever? Well, in episode #10 (yes, we are now in double digits!) of Digital Punch TV, the vlog that features breaking tech news, cool product reviews and random fun, we bring you the top 10 crazy USB devices. You won’t believe the things you can plug into your computer.

  1. USB Mini Desktop Aquarium
  2. USB Mug Warmer
  3. USB Butt (chair) Cooler
  4. USB Hamster Wheel
  5. USB Flower Pot Speaker
  6. USB Heated Slippers
  7. USB Heated Gloves
  8. USB Thumb Drive (literally)
  9. USB Fundue
  10. USB Duck-Shaped Vacuum Cleaner

We also visit, the online instant message service (Thanks Nikko @ for suggesting the story). With Meebo you can instant message using your buddy list from anywhere. No installs, no software needed, and it’s free!

Are you ready for 3 stupid jokes? I hope so. They are stupid, but I bet they’ll make you laugh. If not, leave us your stupid joke in the comments section below.

Last week we asked our viewers (you!) to send us their New Years resolutions, so in this episode we read the best of the best. Do you have a New Years resolution? Have your already broken one? Leave a comment and let us know.

And finally, we introduced our first Digital Punch guest co-host. Her name is Annalise Nelson-Balock and she is from Lyons, IL. Also to make good on a promise made during the episode, make sure you check out the band Beard (Annalise did a shout-out during the show). Would you like to be our next guest co-host? Then send us an email with “Digital Punch Co-Host” in the subject line. We’ll take it from there.

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8 Responses to Digital Punch vLog – Episode 10

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  2. random dan says:

    A termite walked into a bar looked around and said “Where is the bartender?”

  3. Good “Bad” joke… except the punch line should be “Is the bartender here?

  4. steve says:

    Check out the new embedded version of Kool IM.

  5. Rolf says:

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  6. Der Daumen ist wirklich geil! – The Thumb are really nice!

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