Digital Punch Featured On Podcast Salad

Podcast Salad - The Video Podcast About Video Podcasts

This week Digital Punch was featured on the rad video podcast “Podcast Salad” (thanks Katie!). Check it out: Salad episode 34

Podcast Salad is a video podcast about video podcasting. Subscribe to the show find out what’s new each week. Then check out the directory of more than 1,000 video feeds and 10,000 episodes. Search to find the content you want. While you are there, also be sure to check out the other shows that CleverMedia TV has in its current lineup

One Response to Digital Punch Featured On Podcast Salad

  1. Thanks alot for this post. I have just started a new podcast directory so the information on videos is really welcomed. Of course it also means I have an excuse to just sit and watch videos in the name of research and development 🙂

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