Digital Punch vLog – Episode 15

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Howdy folks. Sit back and relax because episode #15 of Digital Punch, the vlog that features breaking tech news, cool product reviews and a bunch of random fun along the way, is coming straight your way. Yee-Haw!

Up first is the coolest toy ever (Mom, I hope you are reading this). A mini R/C (radio controlled) helicopter is just what the doctor ordered. These babies are super affordable (about $50) and very easy to use, thanks to some new technology breakthroughs in recent years. Even a girl could pilot one I bet. I can’t wait to get one and fly it around the office.

Next on tap is an introduction to Sphere XP. Sphere is a freeware 3D project that allows Windows XP users to “upgrade” their desktop / user interface (UI) to something very similar to the GUI within Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS – Vista. Well, if you don’t have the funds to go out and upgrade to Vista just for a slick interface, you should definitely check out Sphere XP (download here).

Finally, we give you a glimpse of the coolest chair in all recorded history – the amazing folding and flexible chair that is made out of entirely paper. Yes way! This crazy invention is all the buzz right now on sites like Not sure on how to get one or what the price is, but this would be perfect for my small condo when I have a party and there is no place to sit. Talk about genius.

And yes, user comments are back after an extended break. Our newest friend, Mr. French delivers the questions and feedback, but wait. He seems so familiar. I just can’t quite place him. Hum. I think more investigation is needed into this mystery.

Once again, we would love to hear from you, our most valued viewers. So please, stop reading this and start writing us an email. We are in real need of new story ideas to cover. Thanks!-Digital Punch TV | Digg | Furl | ma.gnolia

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  1. Famous Inventors

    Famous Inventors

  2. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.

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    Nice video and text! Thx!

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