Digital Punch vLog – Episode 16

Digital Punch – Episode_16 – Show Summary

Hello kids. Ready for the next installment of Digital Punch, the vlog that features breaking tech news, cool product reviews and a bunch of random fun along the way? Well if you are, big #16 is ready for your immediate consumption!

Our first story is about the world’s most outrageous item that is available for purchase online. I used to think this honor belonged to cars, refrigerators and sofas. I was wrong. How about a hydraulic lift that can hoist a school bus into the air, or anything else for that matter that is 40,000 pounds or less. A company called Bend Pak makes these lifts which come in all shapes, sizes and prices. If on the off chance you find yourself in need of one of these mega lifters, check the wide selection of them on

Next up, we show you the tribute video that Harrison Ford and Sandra Bullock created to pay honor to all the little people that work in Hollywood that make movie magic actually happen. This short montage was suppose to be shown during the Oscars, but the producers of the Academy Awards pulled it last minute. Don’t fret First Grip or Best Boy, we salute you!

Finally we show you what can be done with a simple dry erase board and a cheap camcorder. This short stop motion film clip really does open up many creative possibilities and a whole new digital canvas. Incredible.

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