Digital Punch vLog – Episode 21

July 23, 2007

Digital Punch – Episode_21 – Show Summary
Hello boys and girls, welcome to Digital Punch, I’m your host Benjamin Nelson coming to you from dowtown Chicago. In this episode we’re talk about a new game from the folks at Guitar Hero, a new way to charge your electronic devices and talk a little Transformers.
For those who have ever sang with a hairbrush in front of a mirror, turned your steering wheel into a drum kit, or ripped massive guitar solos with a broom -its time to join the millions already crushing riffs in the open with Guitar Hero 2.This sequel offers a brand-new and expanded track list of more than 55 songs, a larger selection of venues and new play modes. Play from “hair metal”, heavy metal, modern rock and alternative rock.But wait, it gets better. Scheduled for a holiday release is Rock Band – which will mix the guitar from Guitar Hero 2 with a base guitar, a drum kit, and a mic. Rock Band will allow players to jam together in person or online to songs performed by the original artists – courtesy of help from MTV.Bands already signed up include Allman Brothers, Joan Jett, Kansas, Nirvana and Wolfmother.For those about to rock – we salute you. If you are looking for Guitar Hero in a store near you, check out and type Guitar Here 2 into orange search box. Rock on.Ever have this happen? You get home at the end of a long day, pull out your phone, your mp3 player, your Nintendo DS, your laptop, your portable GPS unit, and your PDA, and throw them down on your desk.Then you hunt through your power adapters to find the right ones, untangle the wires, and spend ten minutes trying to find enough available outlets to plug them into. Well fear not! Those days are over! . . . Almost.Last month scientists in the US announced that they are able to send electromagnetic waves from a copper antenna that could power or recharge almost any small device within range, provided they have an antenna tuned into the correct frequency. Now, people have done work on wireless electricity before — most noticeably with Splashpower, a pad that can recharge compatible devices just by placing them on it — but this new system could be integrated into a home to allow uninterrupted power wherever you leave your portable devices laying around. Very cool and very convenient.Unfortunately however, they have decided to name it “Witricity.” [cringe]Transformers the Movie has been a huge success largely due to its star Optimus Prime and not since John Travolta has a celebrity enjoyed such a revival. But where has Optimus Prime been since his last movie success in 1986? Here at Digital Punch we took an in depth look at the stars long journey back to the top.Every week here on Digital Punch we try to devote time to you the viewer. Send us a question, comment or suggestion, and we’ll do our best to put them in the next show. Check out the video for comments and questions from guitaristablaze, HisRoyalDudeliness, Flanny and Marsha Loftis.If you’d like to be a guest host on our show, just send an email to with “Digital Punch Co-Host” in the subject line.Well, that’ll do it for this episode of Digital Punch. Thanks to Chris Quinn, Doug Werder, Vince Portacci, Cene Ketchem and anyone else that helped with this episode. As always you can find us at where we have a summary of each show and links of the products and stories we reviewed that week.Alright, that’ll do it. See ya next week, I’m punchin’ out.Thanks!-Digital Punch | Digg | Furl | ma.gnolia


Digital Punch vLog – Episode 03

November 21, 2006

Digital Punch – Episode_03 – Show Summary:

In episode 3 of Digital Punch, the vlog that features breaking tech news, cool product reviews and random weirdness, we review the new Zune MP3 player, Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod and iTunes monopoly. We’ll give you the pro’s and con’s of this new hot media player device. (BTW, what do you all think of their new ‘Go Social’ advertising campaign?)

We also take a special look at the potential worldwide epidemic of TMI (Text Message Injury) and the Air Guitar T-Shirt, the “wearable instrument shirt” that has the potential to revolutionize this popular pastime. Check out this video interview with Richard Helmer, the inventor.Along with taking suggestions for future shows, we also answered user questions and read user feedback, so please email us, leave a comment/question and subscribe to our show via all the pretty buttons to the right!Thanks!-Digital Punch | Digg | Furl | ma.gnolia