Digital Punch vLog – Episode 20

Digital Punch – Episode_20 – Show Summary
Hello boys and girls, welcome to Digital Punch, I’m your host Benjamin Nelson coming to you from Chicago. In this episode we’re gunna rap about the iPhone, a upcoming video game called Spore, have a talk about Wii elbow, and more … episode 20 hath beguneth.Only one week till the iPhone Drops… but children don’t fret. The iPhone has come in peace. While we are sure that you are all aware of the hype surrounding this much anticipated release, we thought we would go over a couple of our favorite features.1.) The accelormeter automatically adjusts the display horizontally or vertically depending on how you are holding the phone.2.) The proximity sensor that -get this- detects when you lift the iPhone to your ear and immediately turns off the display to save power and prevent inadvertent touches until iPhone is moved away.3.) Wifi capability mixed with the Safari web browser and a dash of YouTube equals a rich web experience in the palm of your hand. Convenient for checking out Digital Punch on the go. Delicious. Well if you’d like to pick up an iPhone or iPhone accessories, you can got and type iPhone into the orange search box. We’re sure many of you hard-core gamers out there already know about Spore, a new game that’s been in development for several years. But it’s so cool, we could not pass up talking about it. What is Spore? The creator of the hugely popular Sims games is working on this ambitious video game in which you can truly be God. The game allows players to determine the evolution of a species, from an amoeba to an inter-stellar race. So check it out, you start as a single cell organism, you can create your own custom species and evolve from a being in the ocean, to land creature, then you start to create communities and villages. Eventually you learn technology, rule your home planet and then finally you can move into space and start creating life of your own.. walla… you’re a God. The PC game is due to be in stores by sometime in 2008. Stay tuned. There is no questioning the success of the Nintendo Wii; however with its growth in popularity there as also been an explosion of a medical condition commonly referred to as Wii Elbow or Wii-itis. Gamers all over the globe have complained of elbow pain or numbness as a result of excessive use of the Wii-mote. Wii elbow is no laughing matter and here at Digital Punch we want to help gamers deal with this tragic disorder. Be sure to check out the film.Well, that’ll do it for this episode of Digital Punch. Thanks to Peter Medlock, Doug Werder, Vince Portacci, Cene Ketchem and anyone else that helped with this episode. As always you can find us at where we have a summary of each show and links of the products and stories we reviewed that week.Alright, that’ll do it. See ya next week, I’m punchin’ out.Thanks!-Digital Punch | Digg | Furl | ma.gnolia 

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  1. Flanny says:

    The Wii Elbow piece just may have been the best ever segement. Very well done guys. Love the new faces and life. The show IS better with all this new creativity!

  2. LOL!! Ok, this was good. I wish I had friends like you. I loved the Wii elbow skit. Nicely done.

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  8. Billigflüge says:

    😀 Nice episode^^ Funny one! lol

  9. Good video! 🙂 Thx!

  10. Michael F. says:

    I imagine that’s a new way to concieve it. Never guessed I’d see you say this after all your other blogs about Macs!

  11. julynation says:

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    Thanks for the laugh…

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