Digital Punch TV – Episode 22

Digital Punch – Episode_22 – Show Summary
Hello boys and girls, welcome to Digital Punch, sponsored this week by I’m your host Benjamin Nelson coming to you from Chicago. In this episode we’ll talk about the CNN/YouTube presidential debates, a cool new toy and read some of your questions/comments. Episode 22 has begun.Well, it looks like viral video and Web 2.0 has finally gone mainstream. Last week was the CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential debates. Where average viewers like you could upload a video asking any candidate a question. The questions ranged from serious, to funny to outrageous, but we thought it was awesome because the candidates finally had to answer the types of questions you and I would ask.Now on September 16th the Republicans will be holding their CNN/YouTube debate. There have been some rumors that some of the top tier Republican candidates are going to skip out on this event, and we say that’s a perfect way to alienate people like us. Way to go!If you’d like to see the questions that the Democrats had to answer, or would like to submit a video question to a Republican candidate, head on over to and we’ll provide you with all the links you need.For those who ever thought, “Man, little kids have it way to easy!” and “Why can’t babies work?”, designer Kristina Andersson might have a solution for you.Check out this design concept for a kiddie riding vacuum. Essentially small children will be lured into chipping in with the house work while thinking they are having a good time. GOTCHA BABIES! HAAA!!!Excuse me. Don’t know where that came from. As of right now the concept design is without controls to accelerate or brake, so it’s either one of those kiddie push along toys, or a robotic vacuum cleaner like the Roomba. Stay tuned.If you’d like to be a guest host on our show, just send an email to with “Digital Punch Co-Host” in the subject line.Well, that’ll do it for this episode of Digital Punch. Thanks to Chris Quinn and Cene Ketchem for their help with this episode. As always you can find us at where we have a summary of each show and links of the products and stories we reviewed that week.Alright, that’ll do it. See ya next week, I’m punchin’ out.Thanks!-Digital Punch | Digg | Furl | ma.gnolia

57 Responses to Digital Punch TV – Episode 22

  1. Steve Tanner says:

    I’m shocked, shocked that this episode is brought to you by Who would have thought? 🙂

  2. Ace Frye says:

    I wonder if they will filter those YouTube videos. I can see it now, someone comes up on the screen & starts swearing at them or something else bad like that.

    That baby thing says Phillips on it. I really hope they have the proper warning labels on that thing, could be very dangerous.
    Still, a fun design & it would be interesting if it went from concept to reality soon.

    Great episode, bit short but still great!!

    Also, yay ShopLocal! I might be getting a job there soon. Stay tuned.

  3. Thanks for the reply Ace. In regards to the YouTube videos. They collect all the videos ahead of time, and then choose the ones they want to air. So although the “new media” is starting to have an impact, the “old media” is actually filtering the entire thing.

    Ah well… baby steps I guess.

    Digital Punch TV

  4. I have had my digital punch…I feel so much better now. As usual Great Job!!

    The only thing that slightly annoyed me was the wind blowing against the microphone. It made it hard to hear. There must be some secret out there to stop that from happening. If you discover what it is please let me know because I am having the same difficulty when I shoot video too!!

    Your number 1 fan

  5. Marsha,

    They have microphone windscreens that can help with this. Since we just started filming outside, we have not got one yet. Here are some links of some various types of windscreens.

    Shure A2WS Locking Windscreen
    Onstage Foam Ball-Type Microphone Windscreen
    Rode Deadcat Microphone Wind Muff

  6. Oh my gosh, I truly thought it was going to be more complicated than that. It’s a microphone bootie…hat or whatever. Now I feel dumb… and they are not expensive. Thanks guys.

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  8. Nathan says:

    Hi guys, just dropped in thanks to vlogmaps. Just wanted to let you know that sometimes your audio only comes in on the left channel and you should use fill left to fix that. Good to see another chicagoan videoblogger.

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  15. I can see it now, someone comes up on the screen & starts swearing at them or something else bad like that.

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